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Blevins Gap Outdoors is owned and operated by outdoorsmen dedicated to the sport of hunting and fishing. It began as a hobby and is now entering into the business world. We are a small family owned business located in Louisville, Kentucky and are not affiliated with any groups, sponsors or companies that pay us to endorse their products.  We will not recommend a product because we are being paid to. Our goal is to provide unbiased information and products for hunting and fishing for newcomers to our sport as well as the  seasoned outdoorsman. Hunting and fishing has been a passion of ours for many years. My son and I have a combined total of over fifty years of bow hunting experience. We enjoy hunting all types of game here in Kentucky, but our main interest is hunting wild turkey and bow hunting for deer. We also enjoy a little varmint hunting and bass fishing in the off season when we are not hunting  deer or turkey.

In 2011 we got involved in the NASP program at a local middle school by assisting in coaching the team and have been proud supporters of NASP since. We had been wanting to get involved with NASP for several years to give back something to the sport we have enjoyed for so long. Being involved with NASP has been one of the most rewarding things we have ever done. Enjoy your visit and please help us improve this site by sending any comments and suggestions you may have. Your views are important to us, we hope to hear from you soon.



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