Choosing Your Arrow



Today's arrows are better than ever before, technology improvements have helped manufactures not only produce better arrows but also new types of arrows. We will cover the three main types of arrows that are used by most compound shooters. The most important thing you must remember is that regardless of what type of arrow you choose your arrow must be matched to your bow. If an arrow is not sp


Aluminum arrows are the most commonly used arrows and least expensive. They have been around for a long time and are good arrows. They come in different diameters and wall thickness for the various draw lengths and poundage. They also come in various qualities, the higher the quality the tighter the tolerances are for weight and straightness. The cost of arrows increases with the quality.


Carbon graphite is an economical space-aged 100% carbon arrow shaft that is, in many professional opinions, the next generation arrow shaft. Carbon graphite shafts are constructed with five opposing layers of carbon. They are very durable and will not bend. They are lighter than aluminum and will normally increase your arrow speed. On the down side, they will also lower your kinetic energy  which will decrease your arrow penetration. On the other side of penetration, most carbon manufactures claim penetration will increase due to the smaller diameter and increased speed. There is a growing number of archers that are switching to carbons due to their durability and speed.



ACC arrows are made from an aluminum shaft with a graphite covering. They are normally small in diameter and much lighter than aluminum shafts. They use a outsert instead of inserts like aluminum shafts. ACC's are very popular with target shooters and 3D shooters. The negative side of ACC's are they are expensive and the small diameter can sometimes hard to tune to your arrow rest.

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