If you like wild turkey, you will find this recipe great.  Fillet both sides of the turkey breast from the turkey. 

        Remove any fat from the meat.  Cut each breast into 1/2 inch thick fillets cutting it against the grain of the meat

        not with the grain.

1.	Place 2 or 3 eggs in a bowl, beat into a thick mixture with milk.

2.	Place enough flour in a bowl to bread the turkey fillets, add salt and pepper to the flour to your taste. 

        We like to use a Cajun style flour instead of normal flour.

3.	Place the fillets in the egg and milk mixture, this will help the flour stick to the meat better.

4.	Remove fillets from the egg mixture and place into the flour mixing until meat is covered completely.

5.	Deep fry until well done.

Note:	This is a fast and easy way to serve your next wild turkey.  We hope you find this recipe as good as we have,

        this is one of our favorites in the turkey camp.