Most of our time is spent hunting or getting ready for hunting. But when we get the time we like to do a little bass and crappie fishing. During the spring turkey season our afternoons are spent putting a few crappie in the cooler. There is nothing like a big plate of crappie with some fried morel mushrooms. The crappie below were caught with 1/16 oz. lead head jigs in several colors fished slow in 10-12 foot of water around a brush pile in 2005 and 2006.



We practice catch and release on all of the bass we catch. We like catching them much more than eating them. Here are a couple that were caught in 2006 here in Kentucky. These were caught on buzz baits and spinner baits during the spring and fall. During those times of the year spinnerbaits and buzz baits can be very effective and we always have to try throwing them a few times.



Here are two bass I caught about 45 minutes apart in August 2012 on a worm, first one weighed 4lbs. 15oz. and the second 5lbs. even. During the hotter times of the year plastic baits are on our list of go to baits.


                     Caught 8/23/2012