Deep Fried Turkey

If you have not tried deep fried turkey yet, what are you waiting for. Deep frying turkey has been growing in popularity the last several years. Wild turkey and domestic turkey alike can be fried. We have done both and they are equally good. It's a simple and fast way to cook a turkey and everyone that has tried it has liked it very good. We recommend buying a 30 quart fryer if you have not got one, you will be able to cook larger turkey in it. Here's how we cook ours.

After cleaning the bird up, dry with a paper towel to remove as much water as possible. Next we inject Frank's Hot sauce with a syringe into as many places as possible. We make a lot of small injections all over the bird. If you don't like hot sauce you can also use other sauces like a butter/garlic sauce or any sauce you like. 

After injecting the sauce we rub the whole bird down with peanut oil. Next take a Cajun spice and rub over the entire bird very heavily. Some of the spice will fall off the turkey when it's first put in the oil so you can't put on to much.

We only use peanut oil for cooking, it will last longer and does not tend to get a burned taste like vegetable oil does. Bring your oil to 325 degrees F. Use caution when you first place the turkey in the hot oil, it will splash and pop until you get it lowered completely. Cook for 3  to 3 1/2 minutes per pound of turkey. We think you will enjoy!