Wild Turkey Breast 

Worsteshire Sauce 

BAR-B-Q Grill

First step is to filet the breasts of the turkey off. Just like you would do a fish. It will provide you with two (2) very large chunks of meat. Take one of the breast and cut the meat into small strips. Ideal size would be the same as chicken fingers (the edible kind) :) Cut up as many pieces of meat as you want to prepare. Fill a large container with worsteshire sauce (it will probably take 2 small or 1 large bottle for best results). Marinate the strips of meat in the sauce for about an hour. The longer they soak, the stronger the spice. After marinating it for what you feel is the correct flavor for you, place on a BAR-B-Q Grill. Cook till ready and serve with what ever type of fixings suit.