Kentucky is fast becoming one of the best trophy buck producing states in the country. Because of the number of outstanding bucks that are being killed here, we are starting a page dedicated to Kentucky. This is a collection of bucks killed here in Kentucky. If you have a buck you would like to have posted here or have a friend that has one please send it to us using the link below.

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buba94.jpg (50619 bytes)

Bob's First Buck 11/94

buba99.jpg (79579 bytes)

Bob's Buck Mounted

rollins2002.JPG (135554 bytes)

Bob Rollins 11/2002

knoxbuck.jpg (66614 bytes)

Troy Gentry 11/2002

gentrybuck.JPG (123101 bytes)

Troy's Buck Mounted

gentrybuck1.JPG (87772 bytes)

Troy Packing Out His Buck

broglebuck.jpg (52015 bytes)

Brogle 11/2002

kyrecordbuck.JPG (90612 bytes)

Brogle's Buck Mounted


Get A Load Of This Guys!

parrottbuck.JPG (309310 bytes)

Chris Parrott 11/04

Darren Day, His Net Score 176 6/8"

Darren Day Buck Mounted

Dylan Truesdell, 13 Years Old. Killed 10/13/07

Daniel Truesdell, 9 Year Old Brother to Dylan. Killed 11/17/07


Laura Wooden 11/16/2008

These Girls Are Making Us Look Bad Guys!


Billy Ham Jr.Killed 11/12/2011 Green Scored 201 2/8

Killed by Tracy Groce from Clarksville, Tn. during 2014 Ky gun season. Grossed 168 1/8 and netted 160 4/8